Harvin traded to Seahawks for draft picks

 The Minnesota Vikings have traded receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for Seattle’s first-rounder in 2013, seventh-rounder in 2013, and mid-round pick in 2014.  Harvin has let his discontentment with the team and his contract be known and had requested a trade.

Harvin was the Vikings’ first round pick in 2009 and will be reunited with former offensive coordinator for Minnesota Darrell Bevell, and receiver Sidney Rice.  Harvin was an incredibly productive player in his four years with Minnesota, accumulating 280 catches for 3,302 yards and 20 touchdowns.  He is also a dynamic rusher racking up 683 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns on 107 carries, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate gave his thoughts on the move by the team, saying, “The Seahawks are trying to do whatever they think is necessary to put together a Super Bowl quality team.  If this is one of the steps they think works to accomplish that, then that’s their choice.  I don’t think it will impact any of our work habits.  We are still going to grind and let the cards play out the way that they will,” reported ESPN.

Harvin is set to receive a guaranteed $2.755 million in the last year of his rookie deal.  The speedy receiver has gone on record saying that he believes that he should receive a contract similar to the 8-year $150.5 million that Calvin Johnson received.  This may be a stretch for Harvin who, while dynamic and talented, is not worth as much as he thinks.

After all the Harvin drama, the Vikings come out of the deal with three great draft picks to fill their needs and the Seahawks have added more talent to an already formidable force.

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