Indiana Hoosiers are Big Ten Champions

It was a close game with a lot of media attention. It was a rare occasion that Ohio State and Michigan State would be cheering for Michigan to win a game. It was up to Michigan to beat Indiana to give the Big Ten title to a four-way tie between Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State. However, Michigan lost to Indiana, 72-71.

Jordan Morgan put up a last second layup that would feel like the longest shot for everyone watching. The ball rolled around the rim and looked as if it was going to fall in, reports ESPN.

It was a slow motion roll for everyone Indiana fans and Michigan fans. The ball did not go in and the Indiana Hoosiers fans stormed the court to celebrate their title.

That is what the Big Ten conference was like this season, intense games that came down to the final minutes, seconds and plays.

Indiana coach Tom Crean said, “The Michigan game, the Michigan State game, this one certainly was really built up. Games that are high-level games that get a lot of attention and then they live up to the hype.”

Cody Zeller played a great game for the Hoosiers. He finished the game with 25 points and 10 rebounds. Those boards are what really set the Hoosiers apart, they grabbed 23 more boards than the Wolverines, according to the Associated Press.

There were some missed free throws for the Wolverines by Tim Hardaway and Trey Burke. No one holds it against the two players though.

Michigan coach John Beilein said, “This game wasn’t blown on the free throw line. Those two are our leaders, and they’ve won a lot of games for us. We’re never going to put this on them.”

It was an exciting game that lived up to the hype of what the Big Ten title game would be like. There is plenty of basketball to be played, it is March and the madness begins now.