Jacksonville’s Maurice Jones-Drew continues holdout

Much like the stalemate between the NFL and its officials, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Maurice Jones-Drew seem no nearer to coming to terms.

As of Tuesday, Jones-Drew’s holdout is up to 27 days.

The Jaguar’s running back, who led the league in rushing last year with 1,606 yards, according to ESPN, wants a new contract, even with two years left on his current deal.

NFL.com reports that Jones-Drew faces fines daily for missing camp and his fines so far could total over $600,000.  ESPN puts the number closer to $870,000.

Recently, the battle between MJD and owner Shad Khan has gone public.  Khan was reported as telling his holdout star that “the train is leaving,” and to “run, get on it.”

Jones-Drew has reportedly said that he is now open to a trade and his agent says that his client wants to play for a team that “respects him and his values and what he brings to the team.”

Under his current contract, Jones-Drew is set to make $4.5 million this year and $4.95 next year.  If his holdout were to continue into the regular season, NFL.com reports that MJD would forfeit just over $260,000 per game missed and his signing bonus of $9 million.

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