Jadeveon Clowney says quarterbacks are scared

Jadeveon Clowney became a household name in the sports world this past year due to a  jarring hit against Michigan in the Outback Bowl last year.

Aside from that, Clowney had a great Sophomore season and has seen his draft stock skyrocket. So much so, that people were clamoring for Clowney to sit out the entire 2013 football season to avoid a possible injury. Clowney is that much of a lock to be at least a top five – if not the number one – overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

At SEC media day Clowney claimed to be more comfortable talking to the media, according to ESPN, and proved that, when he named three quarterbacks he said were “scared” to face him and the rest of the South Carolina defensive line.

Clowney, a first-team All-American, and SEC defensive player of the year, said that winning the Heisman was not important to him. He said bigger goals to him include winning the SEC Championship, and being a high draft pick, according to SI.com.

Clowney finished last year with 23.5 tackles for loss and 13 sacks, and looks to build off that in his Junior year as he will go up against some “scared” quarterbacks. He will be among the pre-season Heisman favorites for this upcoming College Football season.

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  • Edna Bambrick

    One lucky play… yawn

  • Joshua Loudenslager

    Hope he doesn’t become the target of every meat head on the field. He’s a biggun but publicity kills. Gamecock strong 2013!

  • Ed

    Who’s really scared is team that drafts him! He could be a bigger bust than Leaf,