Jason Kidd could return to the Nets as coach

Ten-time All-Star, NBA Champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Jason Kidd could be in line for a return to the Nets, this time as Brooklyn’s new head coach.

Sources had earlier reported that Kidd was very interested in the coaching vacancy in Brooklyn. They told Yahoo! Sports that his candidacy had been talked about in the Nets’ highest levels of their organization.

The recently retired Kidd played for the Nets back when they were in New Jersey, and is looking to make a quick shift to coaching this coming season. In addition to his past connections to the Nets and his legacy with the franchise, his friendship with current Nets point guard Deron Williams will likely help his campaign.

Kidd has now had an official interview with the Nets, and the team is planning on continuing the interview process. The other top candidate for the opening is associate head coach of the Indiana Pacers Brian Shaw, who is considered a top candidate for many teams thanks to his experience learning behind successful coaches such as Frank Vogel of the Pacers and Phil Jackson when he was with the Lakers.

After Kidd’s interview, Nets officials were “very impressed” with Kidd’s presentation in his interview on Monday, a source involved in the coaching search told The New York Times.

Kidd’s lack of coaching experience would seem to be a concern, however he apparently would want to surround himself with veteran assistants to bridge the gap. As a player who was always considered one of the most intelligent players in the game, Kidd would seem to make a good coach.

However, since the Nets are already considered a team who could contend for a title and they have a very expensive yet star-studded lineup, it’ll be interesting to see if they go with a veteran coach who has already had success to get them to the title, instead of the fan, and organization, favorite, Kidd.

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