Jeff Tuel could be Buffalo Bills week one starter

The Buffalo Bills have had quarterback issues all preseason, and it seems as though their starting quarterback changes weekly. First it was E.J. Manuel, than it was Kevin Kolb, now it’s Jeff Tuel. You might be asking yourself who is Jeff Tuel, and the answer is that he is an undrafted rookie out of Washington State.

The plan all along had been to have fellow rookie Manuel start the first game, but he underwent minor knee surgery and his status is unknown for week one. Backup Kevin Kolb was next in line but suffered a serious concussion which could threaten his career. What’s left on the quarterback depth chart is recently signed Matt Leinart, recently acquired Thad Lewis, and Tuel.

If Tuel was to get the start in week one against the New England Patriots, reports that he will be the first undrafted quarterback, with no previous professional experience, to start his first possible professional game. That is a mouthful, so basically what it means is that he would be the first undrafted quarterback to play in his first game without ever sitting on the bench, or being inactive.

Tuel has been great in the preseason, racking up the third highest quarterback rating of any qualifiers this preseason, with his 106.6. That trails only Luke McCown, and Andrew Luck. Tuel has completed 72 percent of his passes this preseason and has thrown for 299 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

When asked what he thought of him possibly being the week one starter Tuel said “That’s cool, it would definitely be an honor if that’s the case. I’m surprised that I’m the first, but if that’s the case it’s a cool thing,” according to

Tuel being the likely week one starter for the Buffalo Bills is a surprise to everyone including Tuel himself. But this just shows the Bills are in shambles as an organization, and they have to hope E.J. Manuel gets healthy soon and lives up to the first round draft pick the Bills spent on him.

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