Kentucky’s forward Kyle Wiltjer transfers to Gonzaga

Kyle Wiltjer, Kentucky’s forward, will be transferring to Gonzaga.

The 6-foot-10 junior decided to explain his decision on his Twitter account, included in a CBS Sports report.

“Whether to transfer or not has been one of the toughest decisions of my life, so I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive through this process,” he tweeted.

Wiltjer had the privilege to visit Gonzaga and was at crossroads before he made the decision to play for the Bulldogs.

Though there were many factors that he took into consideration, one of the main ones was about his body change and growth, and how it’d affect his basketball career.

“I’m choosing to transfer to Gonzaga because I feel they have a proven plan in place to help develop players similar to me, which has seen great results,” he tweeted. “I believe with hard work, I can maximize my development at Gonzaga.”

Wildcats coach John Calipari released a statement the first time around, one included in a USA Today report.

“In my mind, Kyle is going to be a professional player as soon as his body begins to change,” he said. “He has a mentality, a skill set and the length to be a pro, but the maturity of his body has not caught up with the rest of his game yet. He knows that and he’s working on that.”

Wiltjer expressed how grateful he was for Calipari and the opportunity to play with UK, and he will never forget it.

“Even though I’m leaving the program, Coach Cal and I will continue our relationship and I will look to him for advice,” he tweeted. “He is more than just a coach to me. I have made many friends here and I plan to come back. My heart will always be with Lex.”