Kirk Gibson talks about the Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl

Arizona Diamondbacks Manager Kirk Gibson spoke about the nasty brawl that erupted Tuesday night at Dodgers Stadium.

The drama started in the bottom of the sixth inning when Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy struck Los Angeles Dodger Yasiel Puig in the face. Then, in the seventh, Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke hit Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero in the back. Later, when Greinke came up to bat, Kennedy hit him in the back and the ball ricocheted off his helmet.

Gibson told the Los Angeles Times that he did not order Kennedy to hit Greinke as retaliation for Greinke hitting Montero, but, “Do we come inside on him and make a statement? That might have been Ian’s choice. But you never try and hit anybody up high or in the head. Baseballs get away from pitchers…We’re certainly not going to try and jeopardize anyone’s career.”

The wild brawl that ensued was complete with dugouts empting, fists flying, and a total of six ejections. Those ejections included Gibson, Dodgers batting coach Mark McGwire and Diamondbacks assistant hitting coach Turner Ward.

The punching, pushing and shoving lasted several minutes until order was restored and each team got back to playing baseball. When they did, the Dodgers came back to win the game 5-3, notes

Due to the physicality and punches thrown from many different directions, expect Major League Baseball to review the tapes and hand down suspensions very soon.


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