Kobe Bryant and parents come to settlement on auction memorabilia items

After attempting to sell their son’s high school basketball memorabilia, Pamela and Joseph Bryant, has come to an agreement.

Only six of Kobe’s basketball memorabilia will be auctioned out through Goldin Auctions with proceeds going towards charities, LA Times reported.

Pamela and Joseph apologized for their actions. “We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia,” they said in a statement released by their attorney, reports USA Today.

“We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we may have caused our son and appreciate the financial support that he has provided to us over the years.”

According to the LA Times, memorabilia that will be auctioned will be a pair of jerseys he wore when he played in high school, an all-star medallion and ribbon he received from the 1996 Magic Roundball Classic, his 2000 NBA All-star game ring and a pair of NBA championship rings that he gave to his parents.

Excluding the championship rings, 50 percent of sales will go towards charity, according to USA Today.

Auction previews will begin on Friday, June 13 on www.GoldinAuctions.com.

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