LA Dodgers and Marlins focus on Ricky Nolasco

The Los Angeles Dodgers are focused on Miami Marlins’ Ricky Nolasco.

The action was confirmed by a source on Wednesday to ESPN Los Angeles, since Nolasco will be a free agent after this season is over.

“There have been interesting discussions,” the source told ESPN. “Hard to know if anything’s close right now.”

But the Marlins also have intentions to come to an agreement with Nolasco before or by the July 31 deadline. The team is “being very aggressive, calling everybody about their pitchers,” an NL official told the New York Daily News.

According to the New York Daily News, in February, Nolasco’s name was brought up when the New York Mets and the Marlins were having a discussion on Giancarlo Stanton, but no trade happened, because the Mets weren’t a fit for the Marlins pitcher. However, a different source told the Daily News that, “They are desperate to move Nolasco.”

In addition to Nolasco, the Dodgers’ draft preference is one pitcher, one reliever and even a MLB veteran, according to ESPN Los Angeles.

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