Landon Donovan’s future with Team USA in jeopardy

After taking a break from playing soccer, U.S. boss Jurgen Klinsmann said Wednesday that Landon Donovan’s future with the United States men’s national team isn’t looking too good.

“There are players clearly ahead of Landon now,” Klinsmann said.

According to, Donovan is the American career scoring leader with 49 goals and has played 144 times for the national team. Donovan has also been a member of the past three American World Cup teams.

Klinsmann recognizes and appreciates everything that Donovan has done for the national team, but points out that chemistry is the main obstacle. In 25 games that Klinsmann has been in charged of, Donovan has only played in eight of them.

Klinsmann also promises that no player will be guaranteed a spot in the next World Cup in Brazil. He will evaluate players based on how their doing now and not in the past, according to the Denver Post.

For Donovan, it’s a long stretch because of the fact that he took a break after last year’s MLS season.

“It’s no problem for us at all,” Klinsmann said. “Once he’s back playing for the Galaxy, we’ll reevaluate his situation and I’ll decide if I’ll bring him back in or not.”

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