LeBron James defends Danny Green’s post-Finals actions

Two-time NBA finals MVP LeBron James defended Danny Green via twitter about Green’s appearance at a Miami Heat NBA Finals after-party.

Green had taken a lot of flack from Spurs and general NBA fans alike for an image of him at a Miami Heat Finals celebration. The Spurs fans were not happy to see one of their stars of the finals who had come up short in the final two games partying with ‘the enemy’ after having just lost the Finals. Of course Green’s previous tweet had been more or less saying the Spurs will be back with a vengeance next season.

Green, who was a former teammate of James in their days with the Cleveland Cavaliers, went on Twitter to defend himself.

“Got to give credit to Miami,” Green tweeted. “But don’t think for one sec I was out celebrating with them…jus happened to be at the same place, wrong time.”

Spurs fans still would probably be upset at the notion of one of their young stars going out partying while they were crying their eyes out after the loss.

James went on Twitter to defend his former teammate, using two Tweets to explain what happened.



If Green did stay and celebrate with the Heat he probably had a good time. The Heat ran up a $100,000 bar tab, which the club then excused. Seems like if you are going to win a title, Miami is the city to do it in, even if you are just hungry.

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