Leslie Frazier agrees on extension with Minnesota Vikings

Leslie Frazier coached the Minnesota Vikings to the playoffs this season. Looks like Frazier will be rewarded for the successful season with an extension to stay with the Vikings for a while longer.

Both sides have decided on a multi-year deal this week, according to the Associated Press.

Frazier joined the Vikings in 2010 mid season with six games left after Brad Childress was fired. Since then, his record has been 16-22 during the regular season.

Adrian Peterson said about his coach, “Just his voice and what he has brought to this team and the locker room, it’s been huge. Guys really connect with him on that level. Just feeling his presence through his words and the confidence he has in us. Everything he speaks out there, we embrace and trust in his word.”

Peterson was a major player this season for the Vikings. Especially since he had returned within a year of his ACL injury. However, Vikings’ general manager, Rick Spielman, gives a lot of the credit to the coaches.

Spielman did not give a comment about the contract, but according to CBS Sports, in November he said, “We can bring in guys that are talented, but it’s our coaches who should get the credit for developing these guys. Because you know you’re going to have some ups and downs, especially when you have a young roster. But our coaches and Leslie do a very good job of working with these kids. And I think that has shown so far this year.”

Which makes it seem like there would be no reason not to believe that there is an extension for Frazier’s contract.