Los Angeles Lakers beat Chicago Bulls 90-81

The Los Angeles Lakers have been on a roll as they hope to make the playoffs. Their superstar Kobe Bryant has led them, but on Sunday it was Dwight Howard who led the team to victory against the Chicago Bulls, 90-81.

Howard had 16 points and 21 rebounds. Bryant helped out with 19 points and Steve Nash added another 16 points, reports the Associated Press.

Most importantly this win put the Lakers into the sole possession of the No. 8 standing for the Western Conference. Also for the first time this season, they are two games above .500.

For the Bulls it was Nate Robinson and Joakim Noah who stood out. Robinson had 19 points and Noah scored 18 points and 17 rebounds.

The first half the game moved slowly and Bryant did not even score until the second quarter. The second half the Lakers came out and took control led by Nash with 10 points that began the 27-7 run.

While Bryant and Metta World Peace were cold Howard kept the team together down low in the post. Something Lakers fans have been waiting for all season.

Howard’s performance the first half of the season was not what the Lakers were expecting. Howard knew that he had to make some changes to become what the Lakers needed the second half of the season, reports ESPNLosAngeles.

He cut sugar out of his diet and got into the shape he needed to be in to do everything he could for the Lakers. Something that appears to have really helped him was to watch and observe Bryant.

“In games, I mess up and there’s somebody in the crowd saying something and I’m ready to snap at ‘em. That’s not what we’re supposed to do. But you look at a guy like Kobe and he doesn’t care about nothing but going out there and playing hard. That’s a lesson a lot of us have to learn — especially young guys,” Howard said.

Howard says that he and Bryant have a good relationship but it has only gotten better this season. He said that he has learned things from Bryant such as how to get over the fear of missing shots.

He said, “I told him [Bryant]: ‘I’m afraid to miss. When I get out there, I don’t want to miss, and I end up missing.’ And he was like: ‘You know what? Shoot 1,000 jump shots a day. You’re going to miss a lot of those shots. But that’s OK. Because you’re teaching yourself it’s OK to miss.’”

Watching Bryant after saying that, Howard said he sees it now. He sees that Bryant misses several shots but then comes back and knocks down a bunch of them. It gives him inspiration.

This Lakers team looks like a whole new team that might be able to make it in through the playoffs.


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