Los Angeles Lakers can’t handle LeBron James’s heat

It seems that the Los Angeles Lakers are always talked about. The one person or team talked about more is LeBron James and his Miami Heat. The two came together to play on Sunday and the Heat walked away with a win, 107-97.

James is one amazing player and the most amazing thing is how he makes it look so effortless. It almost seems like he can just flip the switch to pull out a win. Sunday, he had 32 points. He was not alone, Dwyane Wade had 30 points.

The Lakers are missing Pau Gasol who is out with a foot injury. Kobe Bryant had 28 points and Earl Clark, who has taken Gasol’s spot, had 18 points.

It was not scoring that lost the Lakers the game. At half time, the teams were tied at 53. It was towards the end of the third quarter with about four minutes remaining that James flipped that switch. He scored the Heats’ last 11 points in the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Wade put in 16 of his points.

“D-Wade came and he just started cooking in the fourth quarter. He started doing what D-Wade does and made sensational play after sensational play,” Bryant said about Wade, according to the Associated Press.

What really got the Lakers in trouble were the turnovers. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers had eight turnovers. How many did the Heat have? Zero.

At the end of the game, Miami played better and L.A. knew it. Lakers’ Steve Nash admitted it.

Nash said, “We had our chances, but we weren’t good enough tonight. We had too many breakdowns and we had opportunities to stretch the lead at times in the game and we couldn’t do that either so probably in the end we didn’t deserve it.”

The Heat have been on track to head to the playoffs and maybe to defend their title. The Lakers, however, have been struggling to come back and make it to the playoffs. With Gasol out, it will certainly make it a little more difficult for the Lakers.