Major League Baseball expands instant replay

The NFL has instant replay and so does Major League Baseball. However MLB’s instant replay isn’t the same as the NFL’s. But that’s about to change as MLB will expanded its instant replay next year.

MLB vice president Joe Torre gave representative from all 30 teams a replay presentation on Wednesday. Managers will be allowed one challenge over the first six innings and two challenges after the seventh inning until the end of the game, according to the Associated Press. Challenged calls will be reviewed by a team at MLB headquarters in New York City, and they will make the final ruling. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig called it a historic moment for the game at a press conference in Cooperstown.

One of the things that is yet to be decided is whether umpires would initiate certain reviews. The proposal, which is subject to change, will be voted on in November. A 75 percent vote by the owners is needed for approval, and the player’s association and the umpires would have to agree to the changes, according to Fox Sports.

MLB has used replay on boundary home run calls since 2008.

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