Man that police wanted to interview in Aaron Hernandez case dies in car accident

Thaddeus Singleton III, a man that the police had wanted to talk to about Aaron Hernandez, died on Sunday in a one-car pileup.

This latest piece of information adds to the peculiarities surrounding the Aaron Hernandez murder case. Singleton was married to Hernandez’s cousin, according to Yahoo! Sports, and the car he was driving at the time of the crash was registered to Hernandez’s uncle. The car reportedly shot through the air and hit the Farmington Country Club about six feet off the ground

The authorities had wanted to talk to Singleton, according to The Courant, after learning that he was an associate of Hernandez, and was married to Tanya Valderrama, Hernandez’s cousin. There was another woman in the car with Singleton, Tabitha Perry, who was injured in the accident.

The police have recently searched the residence of his wife, located in Bristol, Massachusetts, in relation to a probe about a double homicide in Boston, Mass. in 2012. Police have been investigating to see if Hernandez may have had involvement in the 2012 double homicide.

Odin Lloyd, the man who Hernandez is being accused of killing in an orchestrated execution, was believed to have had information about Hernandez’s connection to the 2012 double homicide. Carlos Ortiz, one of the two other men arrested along with Hernandez in the murder of Lloyd, apparently often stayed with Singleton at the Bristol residence.

With this latest death and connection to Hernandez’s actions in 2013 and 2012, the plotlines in the murder case seem to run deep, like something out of a mafia movie. First Lloyd is executed, possibly to cover up any loose ends from Hernandez’s alleged involvement in the 2012 double homicide; and then Singleton dies in a freak accident.

Both of these men had connections to Hernandez’s family, and to people that may have been involved in either or both of the shootings. With this latest development, police will have much more to look into.

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