Mark Cuban claims that argument between him and Lamar Odom led to his release

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told reporters that his argument with forward Lamar Odom at halftime of Saturday’s loss to the Memphis Grizzlies was the final straw, and led to Odom being placed on the inactive list for the remainder of the season.

After Odom had played four sub-par minutes in the first half of Saturday’s loss, Cuban had a talk with him.

“I just asked him, does he want to go for it or not?” Cuban told after Tuesday’s win versus the Sacramento Kings. “Is he in or is he out? I think he thought we were playing poker. I just didn’t get a commitment. And that was the end.”

“Everybody goes through ups and downs,” he continued. “Every player does. We tried to put him in a position to succeed. You guys saw it, saw what we did. It didn’t work.”

At that point, Cuban knew it was over, and the next day Odom and Cuban worked out Odom’s dismissal from the team, resulting in him being placed on the inactive list for the remainder of the season, keeping him from playing for the Mavs or anyone else.

“If I’m going to be the guy who smiles with my hand on the trophy, I’ve got to be the guy who takes the responsibility,” Cuban said. “It was just my initiative, just paying attention. … I was working with him, tried to get him back on the horse. When I failed, it was my job to recognize it, and deal with it.”

Deal with it he has, and the Mavs are 1-0 without Odom with their win over Sacramento last night. They are on the road now getting ready to play the Golden State Warriors Thursday night.

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