Matt Kemp gets MRI on Saturday

On Saturday, the LA Dodgers announced that Matt Kemp is scheduled to get an MRI for his injured left shoulder.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly told Sports Illustrated, “He didn’t want to miss any days, which is admirable. But we still need to find out really what’s going on with this. If it’s hurting him to swing the bat and do some things, it doesn’t do us any good for him to be out there.”

From the sound of it, the injury has been severe enough that it would hurt every time Kemp took a swing of the bat. This may very well be the source of Kemp’s recent batting slumps. Since the elbow injury, Kemp has been 3-29, based on ESPNLA.

Kemp’s shoulder injury occurred on August 28 against the Colorado Rockies. Kemp ran into the outfield wall trying to catch a triple from Josh Rutledge and hasn’t been the same ever since.

The timetable for Kemp’s return has yet to be released but it is for certain that Kemp will be missing the final two games in the San Francisco Giants series, according to SportingNews MLB.



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