Maurice Jones-Drew receptive to trade possibility

In a situation that’s gone from bad to worse and from private to public, Maurice Jones-Drew is open to the possibility of being traded by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jones-Drew’s stance regarding his current holdout has altered Tuesday after Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s comments pertaining to the star running back. The proud Jones-Drew was adamant about receiving a new contract that would pay him in line amongst the top running backs in the game and was not pleased in the least that the team resolutely refused to renegotiate a deal.

“Train is leaving the station; Run, get on it,” Khan told the Florida Times-Union with regards to the three-time Pro Bowler.

The 27-year-old back still has two years remaining on the five-year, $31 million contract that included $17.5 million in guaranteed money he signed prior to the 2009 season. He is the only player currently holding out of camp after Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs ended his holdout Sunday and the Steelers’ Mike Wallace agreed to sign his tender and report back to Pittsburgh.

“He’s not here, and that’s his decision,” Khan said last week. “Believe me, it’s not a great concern. You hope for the best, and you plan for the worst. Our goals for the season don’t change, and if he isn’t here, he isn’t here. I don’t control it. It’s his choice.”

And with the fact that it is Jones-Drew’s choice comes the issue as to whether he will don a Jaguars uniform this season. The owner’s comments have served no purpose but to make matters worse of what was once a private and quiet holdout by the league’s leading rusher a year ago. By all accounts, Jones-Drew will not return to the Jaguars in the near future and his current holdout may last well into the regular season – unless he is traded out of town.

The three-time All-Pro has clearly built a case as one of, if not, the premiere back in this league and has the resume to prove it as evidenced from having accounted for 47.7 percent of the team’s offense last season. But regardless of the credentials he has established, he could very well end up playing for another team if a new deal does not come his way.