Mets make decisions regarding Matt Harvey, Travis d’Arnaud

New York Mets fans have been anticipating a Matt Harvey and Travis d’Arnaud battery since d’Arnaud was acquired from the Blue Jays in the off-season for R. A. Dickey. They got their first taste of that on Sunday when the Mets bullpen blew the win for Harvey. But now d’Arnaud will be in the majors for the rest of this season making this battery a more frequent occurrence this season, and for years to come.

The top catching prospect was called up on Saturday, when Mets regular catcher John Buck was sent off on paternity leave. At the time he was called up, it appeared it would only be a quick cameo for d’Arnaud, but the Mets front office decided to keep him around for the remainder of the season. D’Arnaud and Buck will presumably split time for the rest of the season.

Yahoo! Sports thinks that the Mets did the right thing by keeping d’Arnaud with the big club because he has proven he could hit triple-A pitching, and the Mets need to see what they have for the future, with this year all but over for them.

The other half of that battery is Matt Harvey, and his situation is not whether he will go down to the minors, but if he will be shut down. The Mets’ goal is to get Harvey through the end of the year without being shut down. This will be made difficult though, because Harvey is on an innings cap of about 215 innings.

The Mets have gone about extending Harvey’s season in a few different ways. They first went to a six-man rotation to keep giving him an extra day of rest, but, with injuries to Jeremy Hefner and Jenrry Mejia, they had to abort that plan. Now the Mets plan to give Harvey extra days of rest for the rest of the season by using spot starters to afford that extra day. reports that Carlos Torres will be the first to get a spot start to give Harvey an extra day of rest. Mets head coach Terry Collins has repeatedly said that having his young pitchers (Harvey, and Zach Wheeler) pitch through September has a lot of value, and he doesn’t want to just shut them down early.

Matt Harvey and Travis d’Arnaud, both 24, figure to be huge pieces to the Mets’ future, and the Mets are taking the proper steps to ensure they are fully prepared when the Mets become a competitive team.

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