Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace turned down reported $76 million contract from Vikings

Mike Wallace was one of the free agents this season that seemed to have gotten exactly what he wanted after signing a five-year, $60 million deal with the Miami Dolphins.

However, is reporting that the former-Pittsburgh Steeler had a better financial option.

His father, Mike Wallace III the third spoke to USA Today Sports, saying that his son was offered $76 million by the Minnesota Vikings. Instead he chose to go to the team he would rather play for, the Dolphins.

“I know this: He’s going to give Miami their money’s worth,” Wallace’s father said. “Dolphins fans are going to love him. He worked hard and deserved everything he got. So don’t call him selfish.”

After a previous holdout with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and then taking the $60 million contract from the Dolphins, many fans thought that Wallace was just another greedy player. This latest bit of information is proving otherwise. Wallace simply had a specific team he wanted to play for and city to bring his family to.

With his new contract in hand Wallace went out and gave back to his family buying a new house for his mother in Houston, and new cars for his father and three sisters. His older brother, Reggie, who is set to be released from jail this week, gets Mike’s Range Rover. Wallace also bought a new home in Florida for himself, his girlfriend and their daughter.

“In free agency, with so many great guys, when you get the prize deal, it’s always a good feeling,”  Wallace said on Wednesday after the Dolphins mini-camp practice. “I just wanted to be happy. Money isn’t everything. A lot of people last year, when I held out in Pittsburgh, took it the wrong way, felt like I was just being greedy.”

The Dolphins’ new receiving threat clearly wasn’t just thinking about himself when he made the decision, and the news about the Vikings’ offer will likely change people’s perception of him. Wallace still received the largest free agent contract this off-season, but could have made more.

According to the Miami Herald,Wallace has had his heart set on the warm weather of Miami for a while now. An asthmatic teen, the cold winter winds of Pittsburgh have stung Wallace’s lungs. Minnesota wouldn’t have worked despite their best efforts, according to Wallace’s father.

With his family and himself comfortably set up in sunny Florida, Wallace hopes to bring the Dolphins back to relevance in a competitive AFC.

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