Miami Heat keep winning streak going at 18 games

The Miami Heat have done it again, defeating the Indiana Pacers for their 18th consecutive win.

The Heat have not taken the time to celebrate the amazing winning streak they have, only to focus on the next game that is ahead of them. They have already clinched the playoffs with 22 games to go, according to the Miami Herald.

This season has been great but this team has been amazing. It is something that the players know and cherish more than the winning streak.

Dwayne Wade said, “I’m a part of a special team. What we have in this locker room is way better than seasons where I had to carry the load. A lot of people patted me on the back for that. I’d rather it [be] this way, where you have a team, any given night, anybody can lead this team to victory.”

This team beat the Pacers 105-91 on Sunday. It was not LeBron James or Wade who stood out this game. Mario Chalmers and Chris Bosh scored 26 points and 24 points, respectively, reports the Associated Press.

This winning streak ties for the seventh longest in league history. With this victory over Indiana, the Heat have now beaten every team in the NBA this season.

Wade did help out with 23 points but it was a low scoring night for James who only had 13 points.

David West had 24 points for the Pacers. Seventeen of those points were in the first half. The Pacers tried to keep up but could not.

The Heat are on a roll and everyone is watching to see how long this winning streak will go.

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