Miami Heat versus Chicago Bulls preview

The Miami  Heat play the Chicago Bulls tonight in a big game as the season nears its end.

Both teams have had problems recently, with the injuries of Derrick Rose keeping him out of the lineup, and the Heat going 5-5 in their last ten games, and 1-5 versus some of the league’s best (Lakers, Thunder, Bulls, Boston) since the all-star break.

Rose is expected to play tonight, although he missed the Bulls’ last game, a 98-86 victory Tuesday over the New York Knicks.

The Bulls have done well this season without him, and currently sit with the best record in the NBA, but need him back to get proper team chemistry going into the playoffs.

The Heat’s weakness inside has been exposed, and injuries to Wade and Bosh have been disruptive to the team developing their chemistry. But the last ten games they have been healthy, but yet the Heat have still struggled.

It seems to many that the Heat are better with just two of the three stars playing at a time, it is when all three of them are playing that they struggle the most.

Forward Chris Bosh has not had a double-double since the All-Star break, and is noticeably inconsistent on the court.

As far as tonight’s game goes, the Bulls know that they have to play well to beat this team, no matter how much they may be seeming to struggle.

“You just cannot allow them to get out and run,” Bulls forward Kyle Korver said. ”If you do, it’s just disaster, because they’ve got a couple of the best athletes in the world. They’re so great at playing the passing lanes, getting steals or getting a long rebound and running out, and that really fuels everything else that they do. And they know that.”

The Heat have  to do precisely that to win.

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