Miami Marlins Cleaning House?

Apparently after the Miami Marlins changed their entire identity during the off season last year, it appears they are not done yet. There are rumors indicating they have offered a blockbuster trade to the Boston Red Sox. The deal consist of receiving outfielder Carl Crawford and a prospect for current third basemen Hanley Ramirez and closer Heath Bell.

It’s no secret that the Miami Marlins have had a rough year this season since starting over with a new name, new logo, new stadium, new manager, and of course new players after being big buyers in free agency. However they are now proving why teams cannot just go out there and, “buy,” championships. It takes a lot more then just opening up a checkbook. A huge part of building a winning team is chemistry which Ozzie Guillen disrupted when he made those awful comments about Fidel Castro earlier in the year. Another huge part of winning is depth which is something the Marlins have been lacking as well.

So is it time to cancel the 2012 season and start looking towards rebuilding for next year? Ozzie thinks the team will be able to answer that question within the next week.

“It’s up to the players,” Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen told reporters Monday. “If they play good, nobody is going to leave. If they play bad …it’s part of the business. It’s a big week for us, yes.”

It’s hard to imagine rebuilding a team by taking in a 7 year contract like Carl Crawford. But the trade does mean they will lose the contracts of both Ramirez and Bell. Plus the Marlins already have their shortstop in Jose Reyes. The Red Sox haven’t had a consistent shortstop since Nomar Garciaparra. The trade looks like it would work out for both teams but that doesn’t mean the Red Sox are very interested.

“We have not offered Carl to a single team,” Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told USA TODAY Sports. “We have not pursued anything on Carl Crawford. Carl is our left fielder.”

Still if the trade does not go through, the Marlins seem to be very serious about rebuilding. They have said that every player is available on the trade block including young phenom Giancarlo Stanton and ace Josh Johnson. Only the teams production in the next week will give us the answer.

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  • Vicarious GM

    That seems like a ridiculous trade for the Marlins and a steal for the Red Sox. The Sox get rid of a player who hasn’t produced at all and has injury issues the last two seasons and in return finally get a guy who can hold down the shortstop position and a guy who, despite his struggles this season, has been a proven solid pitcher his entire career, not to mention that they’d dump $120,000,000 worth of contract for about $60,000,000 and two players.

    I would not pull the trigger on this if I was Miami unless Boston put some more.