Michael Vick signs one year contract with Eagles

Michael Vick has decided to stay put with the Philadelphia Eagles after signing a one-year $10 million deal on Monday.  He is taking a $5.5 million pay cut with this new contract.

When asked about his decision Vick stated, “I feel like this is the perfect situation for me.  After talking with Chip and looking at the offense, I wanted to be here,” reported Yahoo Sports.

Vick’s game could not be better suited for Kelly’s style.  The new playbook will be chalk full of option plays for the quarterback and will be centered on speed.  The Eagles have an abundance of this on a roster that includes, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy.

Head coach Chip Kelly commented on Vick’s game saying, “I looked at the films, and studied the tape.  When you look at Michael, it’s his toughness.  That cannot be overrated at all.  We looked at his skill set.  He still has that skill set.  He can still throw the football.  He’s got an unbelievable release, and it’s our job as coaches to make sure he can get the ball out quickly,” reported ESPN.

This coaching change may be just what Vick needs to showcase his skills.

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