Miguel Cabrera closes in on Triple Crown

With his home run on Tuesday night, Miguel Cabrera inched closer to becoming the first Triple Crown winner in baseball in forty-five years.

Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox was the last player to do it in 1967.  According to Yahoo! Sports, Yastrzemski finished that year with a batting average of .326, 44 home runs and 121 RBIs.

Cabrera is currently batting .333 with 130 RBIs and 41 homeruns.  He sits one home run behind the Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton but leads in both other categories.

According to MLB.com, the only other hitter since 1954 to finish a season with a .330 batting average, 200 hits, 40 home runs and 140 RBI was Todd Helton in 2000.

If Cabrera is able to hit 44 home runs, three more than he has now, with all the other criteria, he would reach totals not seen since 1937 when players like Joe DiMaggio and Hank Greenburg did it.

Even with all of the MVP talk and history on the line, Cabrera is more focused on how the Tigers will finish than how he personally finishes, according to ESPN.

“It’s something that is a dream,” he said.  “But right now, I got to focus on trying to help us make the playoffs.”

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