Milton Bradley charged for domestic abuse

Former major league baseball player, Milton Bradley, is facing charges for 13 misdemeanor counts of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and dissuading a witness from making a report. The result may be up to 13 years in prison if Bradley is convicted.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Bradley is denying the charges of attacks against his estranged wife multiple times in 2011 and 2012.

The released statement read, “During one incident in November 2012, Bradley allegedly pushed his wife against a kitchen wall and choked her with both hands after she requested that he stop smoking marijuana in front of their children and requested that his friends leave her San Fernando Valley home.” reports that Bradley and his wife are currently going through a contentious divorce and child custody suit. Harland Braun, Bradley’s attorney, said, ”It’s a pretty messy situation. Milton denies any of these charges. We are just going to go to court and plead not guilty and deal with it. It’s a sad situation.”