Donald Trump backed by Pete Rose to make America great again ahead of Ohio primary

Donald Trump backed by Pete Rose to make America great again ahead of Ohio primary

Former Cincinnati Reds manager and baseball legend Pete Rose has shown his support publicly for Donald Trump ahead of the Ohio primary.

On Sunday, Trump played another trick when he tweeted an image of a signed baseball sent to him by the controversial baseball’s Hit King.

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“Mr. Trump, Please make America great again” is what the baseball read with Pete Rose’s signature underneath. This showed that the GOP frontrunner has earned the support of the 74-year-old baseball legend.

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“We gotta let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know what Major League Baseball is doing.” Trump said, according to

It has to be noted that the ever-controversial Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life after it was found that he used to bet on games. The games also included that of Cincinnati Reds, the club for which he both played and managed.

However, even after such controversies, Rose remains an immense popular figure in Ohio. Revealing his support for Trump ahead of the primary on Tuesday will give the GOP frontrunner a major boost.

Trump has always been in support of Rose and has called the baseball association to reinstate “Charlie Hustle”. His latest voice of displeasure came last December when he tweeted against the decision of baseball commissioner Rob Manfred to reinstate Rose.

Despite baseball turning a blind eye to the three times World Series champion, the Reds announced last January of retiring Rose’s number 14 jersey. The team will also commission a statue set to be built in honor of the game’s all-time hits leader, as reported by

Rose is not the only MLB star however to endorse Trump. Former New York Yankees stars Johnny Damon and Paul O’Neill have come out to make their support known for the 69-year-old in the past weeks.

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  • Perfect! – We all know what a symbol of integrity and trust Pete Rose has always been… just like Trump.