MLB News: Officials ruled out drugs and alcohol, says speed killed Jose Fernandez in boat accident

Officials ruled out drugs and alcohol, says speed killed Jose Fernandez in boat accident

The baseball world lost another impressive talent after 24-year old Jose-Fernandez died in a boat accident Sunday morning. Officials have ruled out drugs and alcohol as factors and concluded that speed killed the talented pitcher for the Miami Marlins.

ESPN reported that Fernandez was one of the three men killed in the said accident that had their boat crashed on a jetty just off Miami Beach. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesperson Lorenzo Veloz narrated that the Coast Guard responded to the incident around 3 a.m. He added that Fernandez died of trauma and not drowning though he did not elaborate where Fernandez’s body was found in the wreckage.

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In a press conference, Veloz stated that speed was an obvious factor to the incident. He stressed that there were no traces of drugs and alcohol that would signify its contribution to the accident.

“It does appear that speed caused the accident due to the impact and the severity of it,” Veloz said.”It does appear that they were coming at full speed when they approached the jetty, and the accident happened.”

Aside from Fernandez, two other men were also found dead and their names were not immediately released. Veloz explained that the Coast Guard has yet to tell their respective families.

After knowing of the incident, the Marlins immediately canceled its game against the Atlanta Braves. The Major League likewise announced that games slated Sunday offered a moment of silence in respect for the passing of Fernandez.

However, Marlins president David Samson stated that the Monday’s game against the New York Mets will go as scheduled. He added that Fernandez will be a member of the Marlins “all time.”

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Many were sadden by the early passing of Fernandez, considered as one of the futures of baseball. But one who is terribly hurt is Fernandez’s girlfriend who is pregnant with their first child. Fernandez himself announced via Instagram that he will be a father to a baby girl.

Teammates, players, baseball fans, and the Marlins’ executives have all gave their condolences and support to Fernandez’s family. Fernandez’s story is worthy of inspiration as he desperately tried to defect from Cuba just to play baseball. After three failed attempts, he was able to migrate to the United States in 2008.

Fernandez earned his US citizenship last year. He was a first-round pick by the Marlins in the 2011 draft.

Photo Courtesy: Arturo Pardavila III/Flickr

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