MLB Rumors: Can Andrew Miller help the Indians to the World Series?

MLB Rumors: Can Andrew Miller help the Indians to the World Series?

The Cleveland Indians are riding high in the Central Division and rumors are swirling on whether the addition of Andrew Miller would further boost their chances of getting a World Series spot this season.

The Indians got Miller through from the New York Yankees for four prospects namely outfielder Clint Frazier and pitchers Justus Sheffield, Ben Heller, and J.P. Feyereisen. Though the Indians will also inherit Miller’s $18 million contract, it will be a solid investment as the team is also looking for a solid finish going into the playoffs.

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Miller brings with his a career average of 4.35 ERA with 46 SV and 667 SO and 1.43 walks and hits per inning pitched. This number would help the Indians, who are now 60-42 in their division, making their chances to the World Series clearer. Miller stated that he loved playing with the Yankees and noted that he will try to move and play for a team that is ready to take on the challenges.

“I like the guys here. I’m going to miss that. It’s a time I’m going to look back at fondly. For me now, it’s a chance to go to a team that’s in the thick of it and has big plans for this year. So, you have to look at the positives and helping those guys reach their goals,” Miller said before the Yankees’ game Sunday in Tampa.

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Though the Yankees are 52-52 in the East division of the American League, getting their prospect could also mean that they are also looking for a spot in the playoffs. With Miller out of the Yankees’ rotation, Dellin Betances will have to step up his game. For the Indians, they will have to figure out how to further strengthen their rotation with Miller in the bullpen.

“I think our system that currently now is in play is starting to hopefully mirror what that system started to produce, which propelled us into the ’90s,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. “We’re trying to get back to a situation where we can build an uber-team, and a sustainable one.”

The Indians became aggressive with their moves overnight and it surely paid off. Though they might carry a heavy salary cap but if it means getting into the World Series then it might have been a great gamble on their part.

Photo Courtesy: Arturo Pardavila III/Flickr