MLB Rumors: Cubs offering Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez to land Yankees reliever?

MLB Rumors: Cubs offering Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez to land Yankees reliever?

The Chicago Cubs have been part of a lot of rumors these past several days with the team looking to improve their pitching. According to the latest MLB rumors, the Cubs are scouting three relievers from the New York Yankees and they could offer Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez and other prospects in a trade.

As mentioned in a previous report, the Cubs are the best team in baseball and they are still looking for ways to get better. If they ever have a weakness, its relief pitching and they have been linked with the Yankees’ trio of bullpen arms.

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George A. King III of the New York Post reported on Sunday that Cubs scout Jason Parks was at Yankee Stadium to watch Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Chapman. The Cubs already has an impressive bullpen with pitchers like Hector Rondon, Travis Wood, Pedro Strop and Tim Cahill.

But who can Chicago send to the Yankees to acquire one of the three lights out relievers? Joe Biglio of the NJ Advance Media Group believes that injured catcher/outfielder Kyle Schwarber, infielder Javier Baez and prospects such as third baseman Jeimer Candelario will be involved.

Schwarber is ruled out for the season due to a knee injury and his more suited to being a designated hitter. Baez has had problems hitting the baseball at the major league level but he has made strides this season.

The Yankees are not going to sell low less than two months before the trade deadline. However, it should be noted New York will likely part ways with either Miller or Chapman. Miller has been part of a lot of speculations while Chapman is going to be a free agent at the end of the season.

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The Cubs have also been rumored to be interested in acquiring starter Julio Teheran from the Braves. If Chicago gets the services of Teheran, either Kyle Hendricks or Jason Hammel gets demoted to the bullpen.

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  • Maybe Next Year

    Who’s this Tim Cahill fella?

    • jtrain23

      Apparently he’s quite an impressive reliever we’ve been missing. I think he may be Trevor’s brother.

  • Dan T

    No, absolutely not. This will not happen. Aroldis Chapman will never play on the same team as Anthony Rizzo. I also can’t see the team trading Baez (at least until some of the farm gets a little older). Javy can play every position on the field outside of CF, catcher & pitcher. He’s too valuable defensively to trade at this point.

    • wmgh

      rizzo has already said he would be fine with it. grown men get over things. that said, this trade idea is ludicrous. the writer is obviously as delusional as yankees fans and has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Jamey Colin Hodgin

    no interest in either of these guys,,,cubs have to do better,,,a guy with no position and another that cant hit? they have that already. they need to ask for the moon and not budge,,,keeping all of No Runs DMC if necessary.

    • Harrie Muskrat

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah bro, no way that either of those two position players who could be worth 5+ WAR per year are worth those sweet shutdown relievers.

      • Jamey Colin Hodgin

        Yep haha..we know what the yankees big 3 closers are right now…shut down, dominant….baez and schwarber could be worth? Lmao.. One cant hit one has no postion, so once again, The yankees have those options in house already. Cubs could win the world series too but havent in over 100 years.

        • Harrie Muskrat

          No, no, you’re right. Two guys with 30+ hr power and play every day for a guy that pitches an inning every few games. Keep dreaming. The Yankees don’t have anyone in house that can hit like Schwarber or is as good as Baez defensively. I’d say see you in the world series, but thats not happening for one of us…

          • James Kennedy

            If you think the Cubs are getting any of the Yankees big three relievers without STARTING their offer with Baez/Schwarber/Soler you’re living on the moon. The Astros gave up Vince Velasquez, Mark Appel (2013 1st overall pick), Brett Oberholtzer and 2 minor leaguers for Ken Giles. Betances, Miller and Chapman are only light years better than him. That’s the market for back end relievers. Also, good luck with that World Series the Cubs haven’t won since the Crusades!

          • who are you kidding

            Schwarber is off the table. They aren’t trading him period much less for a reliever, no matter how good Miller is.

            Chapman is a FA and has far less trade value. The Cubs aren’t giving up talented, young, cost-controlled players for him either.

            BTW, for the person who said Schwarber has no position, even if that were true you are aware your team maintains a DH, do you not?

            As for the article, the Cubs are not moving Hendricks or Hammel to the pen. Both are better than Tehran right now.

          • wmgh

            and how has that giles trade worked out so far for the astros? the cubs FO isn’t that short sighted or naive to fall for the idea of giving up that much for a reliever. keep in mind the cubs don’t need chapman or miller. if the price is too high, they will turn to other options. no skin off their back to walk away. not to mention the various differences between giles and these guys that made him more valuable…. yankees fans are so clueless it’s almost not funny.

          • James Kennedy

            Lol oh man another moon person. First of all, how the Giles trade has worked out is moot. Any trade has risks and can blow up. Second of all, take a look at the deals for back end relievers the past few years. The Sox gave up 4 prospects for Kimbrel (2 of them in BA top 100 prospects.) Or the Kimbrel deal with the Braves, SD gave up Wisler. Red Sox got Eduardo Rodriguez for Miller in 2014. I could go on and on and on. That’s the market for back end relievers, so please explain to me how the Yankees are wrong for asking for Baez or Schwarber? If the Cubs don’t want to make a deal like that, that’s their prerogative. And if the Yankees don’t get a deal they like they can keep their players. But recent history has shown, if you aren’t coming with a young MLB ready player or multiple good prospects, you aren’t getting a legit back end guy.

          • wmgh

            well i responded once and now my reply isn’t showing up. anyway, you’re wrong. there are differences between these trades that you’re missing on, i’m not typing it all out again. sorry. maybe you can figure it out for yourself. start with reading the article again because it’s not a deal for one of schwarber or baez. it’s both plus prospects. also consider team control and cost for giles and team control for kimbrel. both provided more value for the acquiring teams then miller would and neither required big league pieces. my point about giles was more a cautionary tale the cubs would consider, not that it would lessen miller’s value.

          • James Kennedy

            I saw your original reply, not sure why it’s gone and wouldn’t let me respond. Much of what you said is fair and you do make good points. But in your deleted post you said Baez and Schwarber are “somewhat known” commodities. I agree. What’s known is Baez can play good D and multiple positions but hasn’t really hit so far. Schwarber has light tower power but can’t play the field and has a serious knee injury. These are good young guys with warts, we’re not discussing Carlos Correa here man. And the article states they COULD offer Schwarber, Baez or other prospects in a deal. Doesn’t say it was offered or that it was all that in one offer. Miller for one of Baez/Soler/Schwarber or Miller for several top prospects is a fair deal, imo. But we’re probably going to have to agree to disagree on this.

  • wmgh

    i’ve seen better articles written in high school newspapers and the writer clearly knows nothing about the cubs. there is zero chance the cubs are offering either of these guys for a reliever, doesn’t matter who the reliever is.