MLB Rumors: Cubs prospects Candelario, Vogelbach enough for Yankees to trade Andrew Miller?

MLB Rumors: Cubs prospects Candelario, Vogelbach enough for Yankees to trade Andrew Miller?

The Chicago Cubs has been linked with Andrew Miller for several months now but the New York Yankees are unwilling to trade him if Kyle Schwarber or Javier Baez is not involved. According to the latest MLB rumors, the Cubs’ top priority is still Miller and they could offer a package consisting of prospects such as Jeimer Candelario and Dan Vogelbach.

Chicago has lost 13 out of their past 18 games, including an extra-inning loss to the Atlanta Braves on Thursday where their bullpen issues showed again. Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball noted in his report that the Yankees’ Andrew Miller is atop the Cubs’ wish list at the trade deadline.

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Heyman added that the Cubs have no intention of trading Kyle Schwarber, who the Yankees reportedly covet. However, Chicago is keen on parting ways with third base prospect Jeimer Candelario. The 22-year-old was playing great at Triple-A with a batting average of .333 in 25 games before getting called up at the start of July.

According to Courtney Schellin of ESPN, another Cubs prospect that could convince the Yankees to trade Miller is first baseman Dan Vogelbach. The 23-year-old has been playing great at Triple-A. He has a batting average of .312 with 15 home runs and 60 RBIs in 84 games this season.

Schellin noted that the Yankees need Vogelbach because they have the worst first base production in the majors. Although Greg Bird is ready to play at first next season after his shoulder surgery, New York can use Vogelbach as their designated hitter.

The Cubs has no use for him in the majors with Anthony Rizzo occupying first base and the National League not having a DH. Another player the Cubs can include in the Miller trade besides Candelario and Vogelbach is Jorge Soler, who is currently on the DL.

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A trade offer consisting of Candelario, Vogelbach and Soler could be enough to convince the Yankees to part ways with Miller. Some may see it as too much for a relief pitcher, but Miller is arguably the best reliever in the MLB this season.

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  • BS

    There’s no way the Yankees would trade Miller for a garbage big leaguer like Soler (a DH that can’t hit) and 2 career 4A type guys like these other 2 bums. They’re a dime a dozen in the minor leagues.

    • Marty Party Pants

      vogelbach hitting 312 with 15 homeruns and just got to AAA this year, so to say hes a 4A career bum shows how little you looked into him. Candelerio the jury is still out but was fielding and hitting great in AAA, and soler while he is injured a lot. showed last year in the playoffs what he can do. For a great setup or closer. yah I feel that’s fair.

    • Bails17

      HAHA….Redbird above with the red ass. That is a ton to pay for Miller. Soler is still developing and is super young. Dude will hit in the MLB.

      • BS

        I’ve been hearing that same story years. All these so called “prospects” and yet Bryant is the only one that’s lived up to any of the hype. Russell can’t hit, Soler can’t hit or field, Schwarber managed a sub .250 BA and is a DH, Baez is a human windmill, Alcantara sucked in his short stint and was given away for nothing and on and on….I won’t even go into details on Brett Jackson, Josh Vitters, Junior Lake, C.J. Edwards….garbage.

        Good luck with trading any of that trash for Miller. You’re gonna need it.

        • Bails17

          You don’t have any idea what you are talking about. Your understanding of the way baseball actually works is funny as shit. Using batting average to evaluate a player. Go back to grade school would you please. Here are the stats that matter: Schwarber last year .847 OPS (355 OBP/487 SLG), Russell this year already a 2.0 WAR player, Baez this year has a line of 274/320/454 playing almost every position with a WAR of 1.3 as a part time player. Bryant is a beast – All Star – MVP Candidate and then you have Contreras who is killing it with a line of 305/387/561 and Almora is hitting a respectable 282/311/465 with gold glove type defense.

          Here is where you should be very worried:
          Bryant: 24 years old
          Schwarber: 23 years old
          Russell: 22 years old
          Almora: 22 years old
          Contreras: 24 years old
          Baez: 23 years old

          Not to mention Kyle Hendricks killing it in our rotation at 26 years old and Rizzo OMG, RIZZO at 26.

          They are all going to get better. Before you go off and make stupid comments you may actually want to know what you are talking about. Your funny…and not very smart.

          • PlasterCaster

            Red Bird fans are like Liberals, hit them with stats and they quietly walk away. Well done Bails! The Cubs would be very DUMB to trade Schwarber for a reliever

          • Bails17

            Just like every fan base…you have the good ones…and then you have guys like this. It is what it is man!!