MLB Rumors: Royals offers Wade Davis for trade to Dodgers?

MLB Rumors: Royals offers Wade Davis for trade to Dodgers?

The Kansas City Royals are looking to shop closer Wade Davis and rumors are swirling that the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in taking Davis in before the trade deadline on Monday.

The Dodgers are keeping the competition in the West a bit tight with the San Francisco Giants and they would want to get solid help from their bullpen. That is why they sent interest in getting Davis to fortify their roster and get that needed space from the Giants going into the playoffs.

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If the Dodger get Davis, it would strengthen their rotation as Adam Liberatore needs to rest his injured knee as Joe Blanton and Kenley Jansen both need to re-examine themselves if they are fit for the job. In short, the Dodgers need all the help they could get as the league gets into the home stretch.

It seems that the Royal wants to involve Davis in a package trade deal that will also include Ian Kennedy. It will be a tough decision to make for the Dodgers as they have to look at their assets to make the trade possible. The Dodgers will have to contemplate if they would send any of Julio Urias, Jose De Leon, Cody Bellinger, Alex Verdugo, Grant Holmes, and Willie Calhoun in return. It will be a gamble for the Dodgers, who are looking to end this season with a trip to the World Series.

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Taking Davis in is not a worry for the Dodgers, it’s the fact that having Kennedy could send the Dodgers over the salary cap. Surely both Davis and Kennedy will have hefty price tags across their names. Kennedy, for one, comes with a $70 million price tag and although he has a player option for next year, it is still not clear if the Dodgers are willing to shell out that kind of an amount.

The Dodgers do want to boost their roster to make that World Series push, but it will also get them a high price to pay. Surely Davis alone would prove them a contender this year, but the Dodgers have to dig deeper if they would be able to make the trade packaged that will also include Kennedy in the picture.

The Dodgers have to re-evaluate things as the trade deadline ends Monday. They must make their decision even if may not sound appealing to fans and critics. But if it gets them to the World Series, then, by all means, they will jump into that option.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr