MLB Trade Deadline Rumors: Yankees to ship Carlos Beltran to Red Sox?

MLB Trade Deadline Rumors: Yankees to ship Carlos Beltran to Red Sox?

The New York Yankees would not admit but it seems they are already giving up their campaign this season as they have slowly shipped their players. And with the trade deadline comes to a close, rumors are swirling that they are trading Carlos Beltran to the Boston Red Sox.

At age 39, Beltran still wants to play two more years and with a batting average of .304 and a 44 home run to his name, Beltran still has a place in the batting order. He also has an average of 64 RBI which could help the Red Sox once the trade is made official. Surely, fans will scrutinize the trade as both teams have been arch-rivals since the time of Babe Ruth.

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Sending Beltran to the Red Sox, the Yankees are already investing for next season as they would try to accumulate as many future prospects. Beltran would become a free agent by the end of the season and if he could convince the Red Sox that he is an asset, he might as well be the team’s replacement for David Ortiz, who is planning his retirement at the end of the season.

With the deadline fast approaching, the Red Sox should make their move as other teams such as the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, and Cleveland Indians are also in pursuit. If the Yankees would be able to agree with the Red Sox’s trade offer then, Beltran will become the team’s designated hitter that which would help them.

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The Red Sox do have a roster filled with rich potentials that the Yankees could as in return as they are in the rebuilding efforts for next season. For Beltran, trade talks are not his thing, he just lets his agent and the team do what needs to be done. He knows that the Yankees are building up for their future and hopes that he has made his contribution to the team.

“For me, it’s out of my hands what’s going to happen,” Beltran said. “I know Miller got traded; he’s a great person and we wish him the best. At the end of the day, this is a business. I know it’s difficult sometimes when you see a good guy and a good friend leave the team, but at the end of the day, we have a commitment here. I’m not going to think about it.”

Beltran knows that decisions that the Yankees made are pure business and he just hopes that they would get a good offer from teams interested in his services, such as the Red Sox. But for the Red Sox getting a playoff spot this season would mean a chance to get a shot at the World Series as well. But the Red Sox should make their move if they would want to snag Beltran from other teams.

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