CM Punk gets bolder with UFC debut, predicts victory over Mickey Gall at UFC 203?

CM Punk gets bolder with UFC debut, predicts victory over Mickey Gall at UFC 203?

Former WWE superstar CM Punk gets bolder days leading to his UFC debut this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. Rumors are swirling that Punk predicts a victory over Mickey Gall when they meet inside the Octagon at UFC 203.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Punk predicted that he will come out as the winner after his UFC debut against Gall. Punk noted that he will walk out the Quick Loans Arena with a 1-0 record as a professional MMA fighter.

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“I see my hand getting raised,” Punk said during a media conference call. “I’m not one for making predictions and I’m not sure if Conor’s hat would fit my head. I don’t know if he’s got a large head or a small one, but I’m not trying to wear Conor’s hat, I’m not trying to wear anybody else’s hat. I’m just trying to do my thing.”

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Despite coming as the underdog with a 3-1 odd against Gall, Punk is happy with the support of his fans from his WWE days. The Punk-Gall match will be one of the pre-fights that will have UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic taking on challenger Alistair Overeem.

Punk knows a lot of people would want to see him lose but he is to disappoint them on Sept. 10. He stresses that he does not care if audience during fight night would be for or against him as long as they came to see him fight.

Punk also taunted Gall saying that the 24-year old fighter out of New Jersey is getting the time of his life as he will get his hands on the amount of money after their fight. But Punk tells Gall that he will get less as he will go out and win it all.

As Punk’s confidence grows, but analyst like Victor Rodriguez of Bloodyelbow doubts that he made the right decision to crossover inside the Octagon. Rodriguez simply thinks that Punk cannot win against Gall, who is a more rounded fighter than him. Gall sports a 2-0 record in his MMA fight card as compared to Punk who has still to barge his way into the winning column.

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Rodriguez stated that Punk’s MMA career hangs in the balance against Gall. If he wins, he will get the chance to fight again inside the Octagon. But if he loses, it will be hard to find a suitable opponent and it would be hard to market that fight as well.

Like other fighters in the UFC who make bold statements days going into their fight, Punk is also taking that road as well. He need be bold as the odds are not in his favor. Come Sept. 10 will be the night that Punk will get the chance to prove them wrong or believe that the UFC was wrong in signing him with a contract.

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