Cris Cyborg says Ronda Rousey will need surgery after ‘dream fight’; wants it to take place in Brazil

Cris Cyborg says Ronda Rousey will need surgery after ‘dream fight’; wants it to take place in Brazil

Cris Cyborg Justino continuous to taunt Ronda Rousey after UFC president Dana White announced that they could meet next year. Cyborg stated that Rousey would need a surgery after their “dream fight” which she wants to take place in Brazil.

It would be remembered that White formally announced that Rousey will make her comeback inside the Octagon on Dec. 30. Rousey will get the chance to reclaim her title as she challenges women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes that will headline UFC 206.

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Aside from the comeback fight, White also noted that if Rousey successfully wins and beats Nunes then the “super fight” against Cyborg will take place. What interest Cyborg was White’s recollection of Rousey’s fight against Bethe Correia at UFC 190. White narrated that Rousey was a “superstar in Brazil” and people rooted for her instead of Brazilan fighter.

The statement gave Cyborg a reason to pursue the fight to take place in Brazil. She noted that a Rousey-Cyborg fight in Brazil would be a blast not only for pay-per-view but is the fight that everyone wants to see as well.

“I have nothing to say but this,” Cyborg told “Dana White said Ronda is a mega star and that in Brazil people cheered for her against a Brazilian, so I want this fight at a UFC Rio. The fans deserve this fight in Brazil.”

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And if the fight was to take place, Cyborg assures Rousey would need a face surgery immediately after. Cyborg is not kidding when she made her statement as quoted by Bloody Elbow and reported by IBT. She added that from the start Rousey has avoided her and could not even mention her name. Cyborg stressed that once Rousey utters her name she will have to fight her then.

Cyborg could not wait to get her hands on Rousey but all she can do for now is wait and see if Rowdy could get past Nunes. If by a miracle it happens then the Rousey-Cyborg fight will definitely take place. However, if Rousey loses then a series of talks might take place to assure the super fight to happen.

Photo Courtesy: Michael Dunn/Flickr

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