Georges St-Pierre return: Dana White says St-Pierre is still a no go?

Dana White says St-Pierre is still a no go?

UFC president Dana White said it once and has said it again that former welterweight Georges St-Pierre is not close to coming back inside the Octagon. White has permanently close rumors of St-Pierre seeing action at UFC 206 against Anderson Silva.

White appeared on “UFC Tonight” and as reported by MMA News and stated that St-Pierre has lost his fighter mentality. He added that he know fighters quite well and unlike Daniel Cormier and Ronda Rousey, GSP lost the fire of wanting to fight again.

“You guys know. When you’re someone who wants to fight, as an example, Cormier called me. Cormier was chomping at the bit while I was working over whether Johnson and Jones would fight. I was trying to build a bigger fight. Cormier said ‘I don’t love it.’ He’s calling me asking me for the fight. That’s the mentality of the fighter. If Ronda (Rousey) says she wants to take the time off, I say take as much as you need. You’ve got to have it here. GSP hasn’t had it here for a long time. I know guys that want to fight. He’s not one of them,” White explained.

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St-Pierre has stated that he wants to make a comeback but worries about wearing his sponsor’s name with the new contract that the UFC and Reebok has. Then he announced that he will make his comeback at UFC 206 against the legendary Anderson Silva, which White immediately shot down.

White also noted that St-Pierre should not worry about sponsor contracts and stressed that he needs to work on the fights themselves. Instead of taking about St-Pierre, White announced that UFC 206 will headline by the Cormier vs. Johnson rematch. The fight will take place on Dec. 10 in Toronto, Canada.

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St-Pierre continues to make headlines once he opens his mouth about a potential comeback inside the Octagon. However, only the announcements made by White are more credible since he books the fight themselves.

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