Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar reportedly turned down fight with McGregor for UFC 196


In a shocking revelation, McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh speaks out on two fighters that seemingly would want to fight his fighter but when asked to put it in black and white, they suddenly put their foot on their mouths.

“I seem to recall them insisting quite recently that they were willing to fight Conor ‘any time and any place,’” Kavanagh referring to Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo.

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“Obviously, they forgot to mention that 5 March in Las Vegas was an exception.”

Dana White also confirmed that he offered the fight to Frankie Edgar prior to choosing Nate Diaz as a replacement for the injured Rafael dos Anjos.

“If you want to fight Conor McGregor, get ready — even when someone else has got the gig,” he wrote. “There’s only a handful of names who could have received the call, so they should have been ready. There’s a lesson to be learned here for any guy who genuinely wants the opportunity.

“In a time when so many fighters are unwilling to compete due to a wide variety of little issues — not enough notice, minor injuries etc. — Conor’s mindset is unique. He could have walked away from this without consequences but that never came into consideration.”



  • Anthony

    You realize they were asked to fight 2 weeks for the UFC event? Standard training camps before fights are a minimum of 9 weeks. To drop the weight and actually train in 2 weeks is nearly impossible to expect a good fight. All of this negative press about these fighters turning down the fight is sickening. Nate Diaz likely accepted the fight because he needs the money.

  • Immortal Siegfried

    you should always be in shape and” i can’t cut weight that fast”is not an excuse. real warriors will fight if they want it!

    • Anthony

      They are in shape…you realize most of them have to dehydrate and restrict food to get down to fighting weight? The day after weighins they’ll walk around 15-20lbs heavier.

      • Immortal Siegfried

        hey anthony, I do know for a fact that not all fighters stay in fight ready shape, as well as fighters that cut 20 +lbs in a week to get ready for a last second fight. plus, I stay at fight weight because i fight my natural weight class. I would just rather fight bigger guys all the time 😉 thanks for the comment my friend. plus I’m always ready, and I train to fight, not for a fight.