Mark Hunt toys with Brock Lesnar, says ‘if he does not want to be hit, he is in the wrong sport’

Mark Hunt toys with Brock Lesnar, says ‘if he does not want to be hit, he is in the wrong sport’

UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt continues to toy with Brock Lesnar leading to UFC 200 and told the WWE superstar that if he does not want to be hit, then he should return to the WWE as he is in the wrong sport.

At age 42, Mark Hunt still possesses a hard hitting punch in the UFC locker room and many are expecting that Brock Lesnar get a beating when they meet on July 1 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Hunt told The MMA Hour as reported by MMA Fighting that Lesnar knew about the bout before he did. He added whatever the case, maybe he will still knock Lesnar out despite the handicap given with their bout.

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“I think [Lesnar] has been training a lot longer than people seem to presume he’s been training. He probably knew a long time ago about this match. I’ve got a good couple weeks to get into it and then its fight week, so my guys are just coming into town now and looking forward to getting their work done,” Hunt said.

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However, Hunt reminds Lesnar that he still has the advantage. He explains that Lesnar has not seen a combat in four years, making it an easy pick come fight night. However, Hunt is not taking things lightly, he adds that when fight night comes he will make sure Lesnar will remember him.

“I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t know what the deal is with that. I mean, if you don’t like to be hit, you’re in the wrong sport,” Hunt said, laughing. “He’s had four years off since his (last) fight, so I’m just looking forward to the matchup. It’s going to be a great fight and I’m not looking past Brock. He’s going to be a tough fight. He’s probably been training for ages. But, I mean, getting hit in the face and everywhere, the body, is part of what we’re used to. He should get used to it because I’m going to try to do a lot of that in the fight.”

For Brock Lesnar, he does not care about what Hunt has in store for him. He does not even care what the WWE fans view of him whether he win or lose. Lesnar is set to appear at SummerSlam the night after he fights Hunt. Lesnar promises one thing and that is, he will try not to get smack with the punches from Hunt and to give the fans one hell of a fight.

“He’s a heavy hitter. I’m preparing to not take one of those shots. To answer that and to win this fight. Is he better than I am at stand up? Of course, he is. Is he a better wrestler than me? Hell no. He’ll probably tell you that, too. That’s why we’re fighting. We’re going to see who the best man is with their disciplines on the night,” Lesnar explains.

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The WWE superstar hinted he will still fight inside the Octagon after his bout with Hunt. It seems that The Next Big Thing is making another run with his UFC career. Lesnar believes that he is meant to be a fighter, not only by WWE standards by the principles which the UFC stands for.

“I believe I was meant to be a fighter, an entertainer and absolutely it’s one of those things for me, I want to get back in. It’s no mystery that I was forced out of this competition because of an illness I had. I tried to be the competitor I wanted to be, but it’s kind of hard to do when you have a disease and you fight back from it. I’m in a whole different spot mentally and physically in my life right now. Before I became a 40-year-old man, I want to get back in the cage,” Lesnar added.

Hunt will face Lesnar in a fight, which will be the co-main event to the UFC light heavyweight unification bout that will feature Daniel Cormier against Jon Jones while Miesha Tate will stake her bantamweight title to face Amanda Nunes.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr