Miesha Tate believes Amanda Nunes has a weak mind come UFC 200

Miesha Tate believes Amanda Nunes has a weak mind come UFC 200

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate strongly believes that she will emerge victorious over Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 and strongly stated that her opponent Amanda Nunes has a weak mind.

In a media luncheon as reported by MMA Fighting, Tate comes out with some sharp jabs for her opponent. She noted that Nunes has not faced an opponent like her and that her mentality is weak, which will cause her to lose in their match. Tate added that Nunes’ cardio will be her weakness as the Brazilian is a strong starter and a weak finisher.

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“She’s never faced anyone like me. I also think her mentality, her mental, that’s a big weakness, honestly,” Tate said.

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Tate also warned Nunes that she will get hit and hurt badly when they meet at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Tate explains that Nunes tends to break when she is hurt and added that she will take her either standing or down the ground.

“I don’t think that Amanda really likes to get hit. I think she thinks she likes to get it, but I don’t think she does. I think she likes to be delivering. And if she’s winning, it’s great. But when she’s not, when she’s put in that spot of adversity, she tends to break. I don’t even know if it’s so much a question of cardio as it is like, how bad does she really want it? So I think there will come a point in the fight where that becomes a question in her mind and it won’t be a question in my mind. Wherever we are — whether we’re on the feet or on the ground — I’m just gonna take it to her,” Tate added.

Tate has promised that she will not let go of the title anytime soon. She promised that she will beat Nunes as she has prepared well for her. Tate knows Nunes has prepared for her as well and promise that it will be a good solid bout between them. She stressed that if Nunes thinks that she will easily give up then she is wrong. Tate regards Nunes, as a worthy opponent, but never will be a champion.

“I wouldn’t put it past me to stand and bang with Amanda, too,” Tate said. “I’ve been getting much more confident on my feet and I don’t feel like I need to take this fight to the ground. I think what my goal is in this fight is to break her. That’s it. No matter how.”

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The Tate vs. Nunes bout will be part of the co-main event that will feature Brock Lesnar against Mark Hunt while the main event of the night will be for the unification of the light heavyweight title that will have Daniel Cormier taking Jon Jones.

Photo Courtesy: UFC.com