Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 2 Update: Nate Diaz tells meeting with UFC president Dana White was purely ‘business in nature’

Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 2 Update: Nate Diaz tells meeting with UFC president Dana White  was purely ‘business in nature’

American mixed martial artist Nate Diaz explained that his recent meeting with UFC president Dana White was purely business in nature and that what came out of the media are all exaggerated news. But rumors are swelling that the 31-year old jiu-jitsu fighter is asking for a bigger chunk of the profit pie in his much-anticipated rematch with Conor McGregor.

Diaz shocked fight fans and players from all over the world as he scored an upset beating McGregor into submission with a rare naked choke at UFC 196. In an interview with Ariel Helwani for a special edition of “The MMA Hour” at, Diaz explained that his meeting with White in Stockton, California was not the best meeting but they were able to discuss things regarding the rematch with McGregor.

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“That was exaggerated,” Diaz said of the TMZ report. “We finished talking and then we walked out. It wasn’t the worst meeting. It wasn’t the best meeting, but it wasn’t the worst meeting either.”

Diaz was referring to the report that described White storming out of the restaurant and when asked for his comments, White stated that the said meeting “did not go well.” Diaz narrated that he was just asking for a little attention from the UFC in giving him more media hype and not pushing McGregor, who obviously does not want as clear of him being pulled out of UFC 200 for not showing up for a press meet in Las Vegas.

“It seems like this is a pretty big deal, so can I be compensated for this? They weren’t the happiest about that, but they’re not talking to me about it right now, so we’re working on it and we’re going to get it figured out. Can I get built up a little better? Conor McGregor is artificial, they pushed him and he wasn’t whooping all types of assets and sh*t. They put me in, I’ve been in fight after fight, I didn’t do any media, I didn’t do any sh*t … now he’s where he’s at because the UFC kicked his ass and put him in gear and blew him up. How come he was such a big deal when he beat Dennis Siver. Who the f*ck is Dennis Siver? Is that guy even ranked? I’m like, ‘get the f*ck out of here.’” Diaz explained.

Diaz mentioned contrary to the report, he and White were cool after the meeting as they also had a picture taken as they visited his mural downtown. He added that nothing is still certain for the much talked about the rematch but he already is saying that he want to be treated like one of the superstars of the Octagon.

“We went and took a picture by the mural that was downtown here, and then afterward we talked a little more. They were cool and I was cool and it was just business talk. It didn’t end on the happiest notes but I think stuff is getting done and stuff is moving forward,” Diaz added.

He also stated that he is not completely sold out with the idea of McGregor taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the much talked about “super fight” which is said to take place in September or on New Year’s Eve at the T-Mobile Arena of the MGM in Las Vegas. Diaz added that the dream match is just purely “publicity stunt” to hide the fact that he beat the hell out of McGregor.

Photo Courtesy: Olga Kosmos/Wikimedia