UFC 203 Update: Alistair Overeem vows to beat Stipe Miocic? Questions Fedor Emelianenko’s legacy

UFC 203 Update: Alistair Overeem vows to beat Stipe Miocic? Questions Fedor Emelianenko’s legacy

Alistair Overeem managed to hold the heavyweight titles in three different MMA organizations and come Sept. 10 aims to bring the count to four. Overeem aims to beat Stipe Miocic for the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 203.

Overeem told MMA Junkie that Miocic should stay focused on fighting him and not carried away with the luxury that goes with being a champion. The 36-year old Dutch fighter noted that he knows what Miocic is going through in enjoying the life of a champ. But advised Miocic not to get carried away as all of it will be gone when someone like him comes to challenge him.

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“He’s enjoying the life, and that’s not a bad thing. But know somebody’s coming and somebody’s going to take that belt, and he’s not going to enjoy life,” Overeem said.

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Overeem knows going into their UFC 203 fight, he will get a lot of negative write-ups as he will be facing the hometown hero. Miocic will be defending his heavyweight crown against Overeem at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Aside from giving his comments about what to expect this Saturday, Overeem also questions the legacy left by his friend Fedor Emelianenko. Overeem told MMA Fighting that he has nothing personal against Emelianenko but calling him the greatest heavyweight would be an overstatement.

Overeem stated that he called out Emelianenko for a fight before, but the Russian heavyweight declined. He added that fighting him could have been Emelianenko’s top prove that he is truly the greatest heavyweight but blew his chance.

“I like him as a person. I never had anything negative against him, even when we were to fight and he declined. But at the time that he could test himself — and he had several occasions — he turned down the UFC. And the UFC is where the competition is at. He declined to do that,” Overeem explained.

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Nicknamed ‘The Last Emperor,’ Emelianenko held an 11-fight winning streak from 2008 to 2009. However, that streak stood last when former UFC champion Fabricio Werdum beat Emelianenko in Strikeforce. Since then, Emelianenko’s MMA career started to slide deeper downwards.

Emelianenko last fought against Dan Henderson and was to negotiate with the UFC, but talks did not prosper. He eventually took the winning column again with victories in Russia and Japan, before retiring in 2012.

Sept. 10 will be a day of reckoning for Overeem as he stakes his pride and MMA credentials when he faces Miocic at UFC 203. It will be the day when fight fans will get to see if Overeem is true to his hype or just another bust.