UFC: Brock Lesnar flagged again by USADA for same substance violation

UFC: Brock Lesnar flagged again by USADA for same substance violation

Brock Lesnar is sure to hit rock bottom this time as the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has once again flagged him for the same substance violation from a sample taken on the day of UFC 200 in Las Vegas.

The UFC issued a statement informing the public that they were notified by USADA Tuesday about their findings and that they will handle everything including the due process accorded to Lesnar. It is for Lesnar to contest the findings or adhere to it, but the UFC has yet to hand down their decision on the matter.

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UFC also noted that the substance found in the July 9 sample on Lesnar is the same substance that was found in his June 28 sample that was also flagged by USADA. Though USADA has not given any details as to which substance could have Lesnar tested positive, ESPN sources have noted that it is clomiphene, the same anti-estrogen blocker which interim light heavyweight Jon Jones tested positive for.

“Consistent with all previous potential anti-doping violations, additional information will be provided at the appropriate time as the process moves forward,” UFC said in the statement.

Lesnar was accorded with a great leeway upon his return inside the Octagon. UFC waived for him to undergo a four-month required anti-doping testing since he last saw action back in 2011. Prior to his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200, Lesnar submitted a number of samples and all of them came back negative. Lesnar would go on to beat Hunt via unanimous decision, but his victory would be marred with controversy following when he was first flagged by USADA last week.

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Lesnar told The Associated Press that he and his camp would “look into the bottom of this,” but it seems that everything came back to haunt him again as he was flagged for the second time. It is not clear how the UFC will address the issue as Lesnar is still under contract with the WWE and is not schedule to see action, not until Aug. 21 at SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

Lesnar brought home a hefty $2.5 million purse for winning at UFC 200 and Hunt wants the UFC to hand him all of Lesnar’s winnings or he will resign as a member of their locker room. The WWE for their part has yet to make a statement regarding the matter as they too have their own standard wellness policy and has suspended a number of their superstars such as former champ Roman Reigns.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr