UFC: Conor McGregor set for a rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202, The Notorious still has the odds?

UFC: Conor McGregor set for a rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202, The Notorious still has the odds?

Finally, it can be told that the highly anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor against Nate Diaz will definitely take place in UFC 202 pay-per-view set on August 20 with the venue still to be announced, but rumors are swirling that the fight will be held at the T-Mobile Arena of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Historically, the two were supposed to meet at UFC 200 this July but was called off after McGregor refused to leave his training camp and fly to Las Vegas and promote the fight that earned the ire of UFC president Dana White. Then, with both parties trying to patch things up, Diaz turn things around and stated that he wants a bigger paycheck guaranteed for the rematch to take place. With the things going, it seems that the White and Diaz managed to found a common ground to agree upon to book the fight.

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Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting.com reported over the weekend that the talk has started to progress for the fight to happen and the much-anticipated fight is finally going to happen wherein McGregor aiming for a redemption after his humiliating loss to Diaz at UFC 196. The UFC featherweight champion tapped out after Diaz caught him with a rare naked choke in the second round that sent shock waves around the MMA world.

With the hype that the McGregor-Diaz storyline had Bleacher Report stated that the rematch could potentially bring in even more money than their initial match at UFC 196, it’ll be a massive financial success for the company.

“That was true. It wasn’t necessarily as much Nate Diaz as it was the management, but yeah I did (leave the dinner). The problem is what drives me crazy is when you have a contract. Everybody sits down at one point and we do a deal, everybody’s happy, you shake hands, you hug and then we move onto the next fight and everybody wants to blow up the deal. Obviously, for that last Conor-Nate fight, Nate Diaz made millions and millions of dollars and he stand to make even bigger money,” UFC president Dana White said of their previous meeting with Diaz in Stockholm.

Despite losing in the first match, McGregor still has the odds going into their scheduled rematch and MMAJunkie reported that after announcing the rematch, McGregor is a -130 favorite in the opening bets while Diaz is the +100 underdog.

Bestfightodds.com stated that McGregor has always been the favorite in all 11 of his fights including his lost to Diaz. However, Diaz’s number might change as the fight comes nearer and the odds might turn around since Diaz has already proven that he could beat McGregor.

Now with the fight already booked, both McGregor and Diaz can now focus on trash talking one another leading to their fight and fight fans could not wait until August 20 to see if the same results will come out as of their first meeting or will it be an Octagon saga that will be forever anticipated.

Photo Courtesy: TRVPLXRD/Wikimedia