UFC: Michael Bisping calls Georges St-Pierre ‘the ran away bitch’

UFC: Michael Bisping calls Georges St-Pierre ‘the ran away bitch’

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is not stopping on calling out Georges St-Pierre (GSP) to a fight.

Bisping noted that GSP is a “ran away bi**h” for walking away from the sport just because of some fighters using performance enhancement drugs (PEDs). He told SiriusXM Rush via MMA Fighting that he has all the respect for St-Pierre but he could not accept is that GSP had to walk out of the UFC and say it was because of PEDs.

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The UFC middleweight champ added that what GSP could have done was to knock those fighters who he suspects were ‘juiced.” Bisping could not accept St-Pierre’s reason but instead, challenge him if he still got what it takes to face him inside the Octagon.

“Just for the record, I will call GSP out. I’ve got somebody in mind for my next fight and when that’s taken care of, if GSP’s man enough and he wants to step on the dotted line and fight, I will happily fight Georges St-Pierre,” Bisping said.

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He added that he would fight GSP after he disposes of Dan Henderson. Bisping is confident that he would win over Henderson and wants his second title defense against St-Pierre. He stressed that he is not afraid to fight people who are PED dependent because he would show these fighters how to be defeated by a fighter who does not need PED just to get a win inside the Octagon.

“I have nothing against Georges St-Pierre apart from the fact that he retired from the sport and was like, ‘No, I can’t do it because people are taking performance-enhancing drugs.’ Well, guess what, they were and they’re getting caught. But if you’re a man, if you’re a fighter, if you’re not a little bitch, you’ll still continue to take those chances and try to beat those people. You won’t run away to the shadows and disappear because you think you can’t compete,” Bisping explained.

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St-Pierre has stated that he wants to fight fighters who are at par with his performance when he makes his return. GSP has been training and conditioning as of lately to build that momentum for his comeback while Bisping has been calling out St-Pierre ever since he took the middleweight title from Luke Rockhold at UFC 199.

Now that GSP is coming off his three-year hiatus status, Bisping wants the first crack at him. Bisping added that he will beat St-Pierre and make him wish he should have stayed retired.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Mallard/Flickr