UFC Rumor: Brock Lesnar to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 as CM Punk –Mikey Gall match set this fall?

UFC Rumor: Brock Lesnar to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 as CM Punk –Mikey Gall match set this fall?

Former UFC undisputed heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is making a comeback inside the Octagon and rumors are swirling that he is set to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 as his fellow WWE superstar CM Punk is set for a meeting with Mikey Gall in August.

During the UFC 199 held at the Forum on Saturday night, it was learned that Lesnar was inserted in the fight card for UFC 200 with still an undermined opponent and since then rumors have swollen that talks are already in the way for his fight to happen and Hunt is one of the candidates being lined up for Lesnar to take on which will also serve as a hype for the much-anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz come August.

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Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting.com reported that Lesnar has always been serious with his plans of making a comeback with the UFC and during “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast the “Beast” stated that with his contract with WWE coming to an end, he is focused on making a comeback inside the Octagon.

“It wasn’t a bluff. I felt robbed by diverticulitis. I felt robbed of being sick. I was feeling good and it took me a couple of years to start feeling good. I’m at home, I’m working out, my life is great, everything’s in tune, my contract’s coming to an end with WWE, hey it’s been a great time but something’s missing. I was up front and totally honest with the company and told them I’m really thinking of pursuing getting back in the Octagon,” Lesnar said.

The WWE, on the other hand, stated that Lesnar is still under contract with the company and will still comply with his commitment to showing up this SummerSlam which is slated on August 21. The WWE added in their statement that they had granted Lesnar a “one-off” opportunity to fight in the UFC.

“Brock Lesnar remains under contract to WWE; however, he has been granted a one-off opportunity to compete at UFC 200. Follow this milestone event on July 9, Brock will return to WWE SummerSlam on Sunday, August 21 live on WWE Network,” the WWE stated.

It is also reported that UFC president Dana White will make the formal announcement of who Lesnar will fight on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Meanwhile, with all the talks of Lesnar coming out of retirement and returning inside the Octagon another WWE superstar has yet to make his formal UFC debut and rumors are swirling that CM Punk is set to face Mikey Gall as a featured undercard in the much-anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor against Nate Diaz on August 20.

The fight is slated to be held in Las Vegas and though no official word has been released by the UFC, according to Dave Meltzer, editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and writer for MMAFighting.com, FOX Sports 1 has a multiple-part documentary on Punk’s UFC debut scheduled to air leading up to August, indicating that he could be part of the UFC card.

Punk’s UFC debut has met several stumbling blocks including a shoulder injury back in Oct. 2015 and then in Feb. of this year, he was diagnosed with herniated disc in his back and underwent surgery a few days later. The surgery was on Feb.10, with a recovery period of four to six weeks, delayed his previously targeted summer debut. However, he still expects to fight at least once in 2016.

With two WWE superstars making their Octagon debuts this year it will be exciting to see if both Lesnar and Punk will also get the same results. But Punk has already stated that he is coming to score an upset and show the UFC world that he also belongs in mixed martial arts.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

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