UFC Rumor: Georges St-Pierre to take on Johnny Hendricks before calling out Robbie Lawler?

UFC Rumor: Georges St-Pierre to take on Johnny Hendricks before calling out Robbie Lawler?

Georges St-Pierre has been long silent ever since he hinted a comeback in the works with the UFC, but it is most likely that he already begins his preparations and training for big fights that would come his way. Rumors have it that St-Pierre will first take on Johnny Hendricks in a rematch before going all out against welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

Reports have been swirling that St-Pierre would like to have a rematch with Hendricks to once and for all close all those doubts that Hendricks should have won their match back in Nov. 2013, wherein St-Pierre won the fight by controversial split decision. The Daily Star reported that St-Pierre is open to the possibility of doing the fight to clear all doubts as his cornerman Kristof Midoux stated through Globe MMA.

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“Of course, he’s interested in avenging his performance versus Hendricks. He and I both know he did not lose that fight, but he did not exactly win it either,” Midoux said.

Many speculations have been written about his comeback, but ultimately St-Pierre has broken his silence as he announced that his camp has been in close discussion with the UFC especially with UFC president Dana White. St-Pierre has been in training camp ever since then and it is most likely that the Hendricks match will be a testing the waters as he is looking at reclaiming his welterweight championship belt, which is currently held by Robbie Lawler.

“We are training and doing some testing and some tuning up and stuff like that. And yeah, we are talking about the UFC and we’ll see what is going to happen. I do not negotiate myself, it’s not my fight, it’s my agent’s fight. I’m not really qualified to and it’s not my area of expertise. I have people that give me the best advice and I have the option. I’m the one who will take the final decision but we’ve been talking and we’ll see what’s going to happen,” St-Pierre explained.

He also hinted that he is trying to get on the recovery road as he lets medical experts take a look at his rotator cuff that has bugged him in his training. He hopes that he could snap out of it and continue his training. Even boxing Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach has promised to be in his corner when GSP makes his comeback. Roach and St-Pierre have worked together several times over the course of his career, with GSP traveling from Canada to Santa Monica to train with Roach.

Thus, it will be an exciting wait, for fight fans to see if St-Pierre still has that “obsession” in him to fight inside the Octagon. If that happens, UFC will have to be ready for some tight action as St-Pierre plans to pile up the wins and reclaim his glory that he had before he decided to exile himself from the sport he so dearly loves.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Mallard/Flickr