UFC Rumors: Cris Cyborg hints Ronda Rousey for her next fight?

UFC Rumors: Cris Cyborg hints Ronda Rousey for her next fight?

After her successful debut in the Octagon at UFC 198, rumors are swirling that Cris Cyborg, who is still the Invicta FC World Featherweight Champion, hinted that she will next face Ronda Rousey.

Cyborg posted on her Twitter account a video with a caption “This day 3 years go I won the @InvictaFC world title. I cannot say anything yet, but I have some exciting news…” Her post came with a video that showed her training and previous fights wherein she came out as the winner. Towards the end of the video it showed Rousey on it and it could mean that it was the exciting news that she is saying.

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No word of confirmation has been given yet by the UFC if, in fact, Cyborg will meet Rousey. Cyborg also wants to fight Rousey, who also aims to get her title back after losing to Holly Holm at UFC 193. Rousey has not also given her reaction to whether she is game to face Cyborg inside the Octagon.

Cyborg has a bad blood with Rousey and she wants to finish what she started. She even went to the point of saying that once they step inside the Octagon, she would “kill” Rousey. Cyborg clarified that she and Rousey has some unfinished business that needs to settle once and for all.

“Ronda Rousey,” Cyborg said when asked if she’d rather face Rousey or Tate. “Of course! I and Ronda have a novella together, and you have to finish a novella. Everybody wants to watch this fight. If you ask all the fans who they want to see, I think they want to see Ronda Rousey and Cyborg.”

“I’ll kill her,” said Cyborg. “I put everything she said about me in my hands.”

Rousey has been silent as of late but with the women’s bantamweight belt in the hands of Amanda Nunes, Rousey is trying to make her comeback. She has been on the road to recovery, getting her confidence back, and fulfilling her obligations with Hollywood. In the latest Reebok ad, Rousey would be seen moving on with that stunning defeat and is looking forward to what the future awaits for her.

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Rousey’s promotional video could be better interpreted that she is gearing up for a return inside the Octagon. With the UFC setting up fight cards for its debut at the Madison Square Garden in New York it is most likely the perfect stage for her comeback.

Video Courtesy: Reebok/YouTube.com

Cyborg, for her part, will try to keep her fans informed of her next fight and as her video suggests it would seem that she is in the negotiation of booking a fight against Rousey. Cyborg has stated before that she has no problem of a catch weight to meet any of the women fighters that UFC has since the featherweight has not been recognized yet by the UFC.

Photo Courtesy: Michael Dunn/Flickr

  • Juchi

    In your article, Peter, you state, “Cyborg also wants to fight Rousey, who also aims to get her title back after losing to Holly Holm at UFC 193.” I think you meant Tate.

    What Cyborg wants, and what is reality, are two different things. Unless she plans to announce that she is dropping to 135, I think any hopes of facing Rousey are a distant dream. Rousey would want to re-establish her dominance (if she can) at 135 before facing Cyborg at 140+.

    • WICKED

      No, he was correct. Ronda lost the title at UFC 193 to Holly and wants to get it back. Miesha lost the title at UFC 200, barely made weight and looked like crap. She couldn’t defend the title a single time, just like Holly, proving neither one deserved to be called a champion. Miesha has a long way to go before she gets another title shot.

      • Juchi

        Duhll I don’t know what I was on when I wrote that.


    Haven’t people learned yet? Cyborg has no intention of dropping the 3 lbs of I’ll gotten steroid muscle it will take to fight at 135 lbs and make all these dream fights a reality. Her next fight is against some unknown tomato can that will be announced a week before the fight. Every time she talks about its her way of grabbing headlines and getting attention. She wants her name to be associated with Ronda so hopefully people will care about her. It’s pathetic.

  • Victory is mine 😀😁😂

    This dude still using Ronda to make himself popular? Back to fighting 7/11 shift workers guyborg