UFC Rumors: John Kavanagh believes Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather bout still a possibility?

UFC Rumors: John Kavanagh believes Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather bout still a possibility?

Despite Conor McGregor already billed for a rematch with Nate Diaz, rumors of his fight against boxer Floyd Mayweather continues to persist and this time, it’s his coach John Kavanagh is adding fuel to the fire saying that the “dream fight” is still a possibility.

Kavanagh in an interview with MMA Underground’s Jonathan Shrager in a promotion of his latest book “Win Or Learn,” as reported by Pundit Arena stated that the talks between McGregor and Mayweather have been put on hold since the feisty Irishman will be busy preparing for his much-anticipated rematch at UFC 202 on Aug. 20 in New York City.

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“It puts it on hold. I think that contest will happen eventually but it’s on hold for now. I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t at some stage. I think it’s a bigger fight; I think there’s a lot of intrigue about it. I could be 100% wrong. Right now we’re focusing on August 20th. We have an important rematch – a mixed martial arts fight – but if in time that fight was to be announced it would not surprise me and I think it would be an interesting one,” Kavanagh said.

But the Irish coach went on to say that it would be hard to beat Mayweather because of his style of boxing and that he has been a fan of how Mayweather is able to elude punches and how defensively oriented he is. He added that they are looking to having Mayweather fight McGregor inside the Octagon.

“It’s hard to beat Floyd with boxing because he seems to be almost perfect in terms of how defensive he is. I think if you’re a classically trained boxer you’re gonna lose to Floyd because he just seems to make everybody look quite ordinary. But maybe somebody who doesn’t strike like a boxer might be a new look for him. Maybe the odd sly knee and leg kick as well. [Laughs.] You get two warnings. [Laughs.] But seriously I think Conor’s style is very unusual and Floyd is – I’m personally a fan of his style. I love watching him. I love watching fighters who don’t get hit… I think it’s absolutely beautiful and that’s why I mean I think he is one of the older school trained fighters and the boxing approach most are using against him just won’t work because he’s been doing this for so long. He’s in fantastic shape for his age and he hasn’t taken much head trauma,” Kavanagh explained.

He added that McGregor might be able to beat Mayweather inside the boxing ring, but end his thoughts on the fight quoting the Great Muhammad Ali, who said: “Impossible is nothing.”

“Who knows, we could shock the world,” Kavanagh stressed.

Just as what boxing Hall of Famer trainer Freddie Roach told Inside MMA that it would take him three years to train McGregor to be ready to face Mayweather and by the looks of it Roach sounded that he is uninterested in training the Irishman for the said fight despite the advice of Mayweather himself. But even with three years of training, it does not guarantee that he would be able to beat Mayweather.

No matter what the odds may be, the thing is that dealing with McGregor would have to course through UFC president Dana White and by the looks of it Mayweather’s camp must negotiate with White in order for the fight to be a reality. As White has stated before, Mayweather’s camp has not reached out to him regarding the fight and that if they would, it would be inside the Octagon and not inside the four-cornered ring just as what Kavanagh stated earlier.

Photo Courtesy: So Max O/Flickr